Shiver Me Timbers! Whatever Will My Conveyancer Do Next?

January 20, 2016

Ahoy me’ hearties!

So you’ve found the property you like and your offer of doubloons and pieces of eights has been accepted.Conveyancing Map

Now what?

The Conveyancing process can seem like a bit of a maze – but every good sea-dog worth his salt needs a proper treasure map, which is why we reckon you could do with one too.

That’s why you should watch our useful little guide to the Conveyancing process:

Shiver Me Timbers! What Will My Conveyancer Do Next?

It includes a handy little map with each stage of the Conveyancing process:

  1. Setting Sail
  2. Contracts and Enquiries – When we find out about your new home.
  3. Searches – What? Where?
  4. Survey – Don’t skimp this one.
  5. Mortgages – Death Pledge- literally.
  6. Contracts – When to sign on the dotted line.
  7. Exchange – Let’s get legally binding.
  8. Completion – The Big Day!

Each chapter tells what to expect next so there will be no fear of you getting lost!

And if you’re still in any doubt, we’ve already had some fantastic feedback over social media:

“Ever creative and always valuable – fabulous conveyancing content from @Clutton Cox and @PaulHajek” – Sonja Jefferson.

“It’s a beauty @Paul Hajek. Love it!” – Sharon Tanton.

“Great Slideshare from @PaulHajek using simple language to tell clients what happens and how much they need you.” – Chris Marston.

“Cool way to do content around Conveyancing! Nice one.” – Doug Kessler.

So why not give it a watch and become a home-moving genius? 

If you really like it, then why not share it on your favourite social media site with friends and family? 

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