Whatever Will My Conveyancer Do Next?: The Movie

September 1, 2016

We are nothing, if not determined, to simplify the sometimes convoluted world of Conveyancing.conveyancing process explained

We like to think we go the extra mile (and here, clearly, the extra nautical mile) to demystify the Conveyancing Process.

We want to create great legal content that’s interesting, educates and is fun at the same time

We tried it first with blogging (we were the first to blog on Conveyancing) and latterly we've’dipped our toes into Slideshare.

Our SlideShares “How to Get All Your Ducks In A Row” and “What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy” have received over 35,000 and 31,500 views already, more than any other Conveyancing firm. You can see for yourself here and here.

In our latest SlideShare, Cap'n Hoot guided you through a step-by-step conveyancing guide from offer acceptance through to completion day – with an emphasis on the navigating you through high seas on a Tall Ship.

But, we wanted to go one better and use a more visual medium to help explain the Conveyancing Process.

So we’ve stepped it up a few knots (sic) with a short animated Conveyancing Guide.

Conveyancing Guide

Cap’n Hoot is brought to life. He explains the Conveyancing Process by showing the steps you can expect during your home moving voyage.

We’ve trawled through every maritime phrase book to make the journey as easy to understand as it is fun to participate.

So why not (on your watch – see what we did there?) give it a watch?

It’s still called “Shiver Me Timbers – Whatever Will My Conveyancer Do Next” and you can view it below:

Wistia video thumbnail - Ahoy There!

If you still need convincing the Chapters include:

  1. Setting sail – or when you’ve found your dream home and your offer of has been accepted what happens next!
  2. What happens when your Conveyancer receives the draft contract and why would she raise “preliminary enquiries”
  3. What will Local Authority Searches reveal? If your appetite is insatiable you can find more information here
  4. What other reports are available that you might need when you buy a house
  5. Surveys – why you should always commission a survey when you buy a property.
  6. Mortgages – if you need one why it pays to arrange your finances as early as possible
  7. Why sometimes you are all ready to move but you have to wait for someone else in the Conveyancing Chain. Cap’n Hoot calls it entering the “Sea of Becalming”
  8. What will happen when you “exchange contracts” and indeed what does that even mean? When will it all be legally binding? 
  9. What do you need to do in order to be ready for moving in day – the Big Day as we like to call it. 
  10. Completion day – What happens and a little bit of advice about celebrating

Hopefully, by the end, of each chapter you will know a little more about what to expect at each stage of the conveyancing process.

Here’s the link again.

And by the way, if you really like it, would love it if you shared our little Conveyancing Guide with family, friends and your favourite social media.





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