So what’s the Conveyancing Association all about, then?

January 4, 2017 Sara Stewart


Hoot talks to Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery for the Conveyancing Association to get the answer to that very question.

This was the question posed to me by one of our member’s web content writers.  “Lummy” (not really my style but for the purposes of something public I hope you will allow some artistic licence), I thought, “now you’re asking”.

You see, all the work I do is to support the members and to provide a platform for debate across all industry stakeholders to improve the home moving process.   Of course in reality the words came easily, because what is good for estate agents, lender’s and law firms is good for the home mover and essentially what the Conveyancing Association (CA) is about is providing a positive home moving experience for all.

So who are the CA?


Conveyancing Association at House of Lords
Conveyancing Association visit the Houses of Parliament

Well we are a membership organisation made up of 50+ of the top 100 conveyancing operations in the country dealing with the legal side of almost 20% of all home moving transactions in England and Wales.


So what have we been working on?

Well we have a variety of extremely dry technical and leasehold protocols to ensure that all our members, whether they are specialist Conveyancers (Licensed Conveyancers) or Solicitors, all work off the same common sense hymn sheet, delivering practical solutions for any title issues revealed during the process.

But we also recognise that home movers have very little information available to them in a digestible form (I am sure they can find several thousand pages of legal definitions on line but who wants/has time to read that?).  So we have produced a couple of animated videos on what you can do to prepare for the legal process and what the legal process actually entails.

Cybersafe logoBecause of ever increasing risk of criminals duping home buyers into diverting their life savings (lummy – there I go again – can you imagine how awful that would feel) during the home moving process we have also created a Cyber Safe scheme, whereby our members who are signed up to it, and are allowed to display the Cyber Safe logo, are committed to not only training and protecting their own staff, but also providing their clients with common sense advice on how to avoid becoming a victim to the baddy’s evil plans.  Just check out the video on this link if you want to see how much data is out there for the criminals to intercept and use for evil.

Oh and I should have mentioned – never click on a link unless you know it is from a trusted source!

Overall we are looking at how we can work together across the industry to improve the home moving process.  I have just completed the first draft of our White Paper on what the ideal transaction would look like, based on research across many of the countries in the world recognised to produce the slickest process.

Cyber Committee Meeting in progress
Cyber Committee Meeting in progress

We have identified the greatest issues as being the lack of certainty, transparency and communication and how vita these all are when the home moving process takes 12-14 weeks (as it does at the moment in England & Wales).

White Paper Modernising the Home Moving Process

However, what we also found is that if we can take some of the best practice from other countries we could deliver a legal commitment within 5 working days of an offer being accepted and then the stress just dissolves away.  This is because of the certainty around the actual moving date so the home mover can pack, apply for schools and start to empty the shed/attic – which you and I both know is hands down the most daunting aspect of moving house!

What is interesting is that, other than obtaining a mortgage, the ability to have an unconditional legal commitment, is achievable now.

Don’t even get me started on Leaseholds, they add 4 weeks and hundreds of pounds to a transaction all on their own thanks to a crazy loophole in the law which we are trying to get changed.

So here’s hoping that when the White Paper is finally finished we will be able convince government to take on board the suggestions and create a positive home moving experience for all.

Lummy, wouldn’t that be great!

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