Conveyancing in Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol: Did You Know?

August 19, 2016 Paul Hajek

When you are thinking of selling or buying a property in Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol, South Gloucestershire, what should you be looking for from your Conveyancing Solicitors?

Here are a few snippets of information about the village itself some of which you will need to discuss with your Conveyancing Solicitor:

1. Frampton Cotterell is a popular village for people wishing to work in Bristol, Abbey Wood, Chipping Sodbury and Yate. It lies 7 miles north east of Bristol and 3-4 miles from Yate and Chipping Sodbury

2. The name Frampton means 'The settlement (farmstead or village) on the Frome'. Frampton Cotterell was recorded as Frantone in the Domesday Book.

By the 13th century the village was known as was known as Frampton Cotell. The name Cotell or Cotterell is derived from the Cotele Family, lords of Frampton Manor in the 12th and early 13th centuries

3. The local authority is South Gloucestershire. You can find a huge range of information on the Council’s services and policies on it’s website

4. There are many small cottages in Frampton Cotterell. The cottages were historically home to coal miners working in the adjacent village of Coalpit Heath 
Only part of Frampton Cotterell was mined for coal.

Your Conveyancing Solicitor will be required to carry out a mining search as part of the Conveyancing Process. Here is a map of the overall Bristol Coalfield to show you the areas of Frampton Cotterell which may have been affected by Coal Mining.

Mining ceased by 1949 when it became uneconomical.

 Iron mines were also sunk in Frampton Cotterell in an area to the east of St Peter’s Church between 1862 and 1875

6 The famous cowboy ten gallon hat  was invented in Frampton Cotterell. Christy's famous hat factory was located in Park Lane, which once employed a quarter of Frampton Cotterell residents.

It is now a listed building and a spacious house. Christy's built their factory in 1812 in an area where hatting was already a major cottage industry.

The main business was trading with the West Indies, making large brimmed felt hats for slaves harvesting sugar cane in the rainy season. It would appear that an entrepreneur by the name of Stetson tried to call it his own. Although Stetson lost a patent dispute with Christy's and had to pay a royalty, the rest as they say is history.

The phrase as mad as resident of Frampton Cotterell has also been lost to history, but mad as a hatter remains.

Traces of mercury were used in the hat making process and prolonged exposure literally drove workers mad. An enviromental search carried out by your Conveyancing Solicitor would be advisable. Check with your Conveyancing Solicitor

7. A large scale housing development has been approved at a former farm site known as Windmill Green, near Heather Avenue. 

Barratt Homes bought the farm land with plans for three stages of house building totaling more than 600 homes. 

The first phase, St Saviour’s Rise and Kelbra Crescent, was completed 10 years ago. Kelbra is the name of a village in Germany twinned with    Frampton Cotterell  

Barratt Homes originally had planning permission for 220 homes for the second phase, but have applied for a smaller number of 183 houses and flats The Builder wants to build another 200 homes on adjacent green fields.

It is now likely that the original number of planned homes will be not as high as 600

8. St Peter’s Church in Frampton Cotterell has been on this dating back to Saxon times. 

If you are selling your property and come within roughly the parish of St.Peter’s, Frampton Cotterell, you may required to pay an Indemnity Insurance   to protect your buyer against something called Chancel Repair. This is a highly complex area.

9. There are no firms of Estate Agents in Frampton Cotterell.

Most houses are sold through Estate Agents such as Mackendrick Norcott and AJ Homes in neighbouring Winterbourne, Milbury’s and Country Property Agents and Besley Hill in nearby Chipping Sodbury and Estate Agents in Yate

10.There are also no Conveyancing Solicitors with offices in Frampton Cotterell. Firms of Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol, Yate and Chipping Sodbury     carry out the majority of Conveyancing in Frampton Cotterell 

Clutton Cox Conveyancing Solicitors in Chipping Sodbury, Bristol South Gloucestershire have completed hundreds of Conveyancing transactions in Frampton Cotterell.

You can get help to budget for your Conveyancing by clicking here, and getting a fixed fee quotation for your Conveyancing
There are also other local firms of Conveyancing Solicitors who would be able to help you such as Wards Beaufort Montague Harris and Batchelor Sharp

The contents of this article are not to be regarded as exhaustive. Every Conveyancing transaction in Frampton Cotterell case will be different. Your Conveyancing solicitor will raise what enquiries they deem appropriate.

Needless to say appointing a Conveyancing Solicitor locally is to be recommended.

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