Most Popular Conveyancing Blogs of 2017

January 3, 2018

As we move in to 2018, we look back on this year with fond memories. 

In particular, we went to Grosvenor House back in October, and picked up the ESTAS Award for Best Conveyancer in Avon.

We also mentioned in our most popular blogs of 2016, that our Slideshare, "How To Get All Your Ducks In A Row Between Exchange and Completion", had exceeded 52,000 views. We made a big design overhaul of this Slideshare, and we're a little overwhelmed to say that figure has more than doubled in a year, to a staggering 110,000 views!

And perhaps our most challenging feat, was to write a blog a day across the whole of May! 

Following on from previous years, we present to you our most popular blogs of 2017:

10. Local Authority Searches: The Lowdown

Moving down one spot from last year, Local Authority Searches still proves to be a popular search.

9. Tick Tock, Conveyancing Clock: Know Your Authority Search Turnaround Times

Even more so, a new entry for this year - Turn Around Times for Local Authority Searches.

8. Chancel Repair Liability Absolutely All In One Place

You may still have to stand the cost of a search or insurance protection when they buy your new home...

7. Buying a Holiday Home: Can it ever be a Primary Residence?

Moving down one, buying a holiday home still proves to be a hot topic.

6. What Will A Local Search Unlock In Your New Dream Home?

Third place on last year's list, and the third blog already on 'Local Searches' - it's proven to be a hot topic.

5. New House, No Survey: A Gigantic Mistake?

A non-mover this year...

4. Beware The Rentcharge Scam - And It Is Perfectly Legal

A new entry in this year's list. Scam's are the hot topic of conversation at the moment...

3. Conveyancing Nightmares What Happens If You Fail To Complete On Your Dream Home?

You may see the purchase of your house as a dream. But, if after you exchange contracts you fail to complete your purchase on the agreed completion date, that dream could turn into a nightmare.

2. How Long Does It Really Take To Move House?

How long does it take to move house is the question we get asked the most at the start of the Conveyancing process.

1. Getting Ready For Completion Day: Things To Do, People To Call

A non-mover, the topic of completion will only continue to remain popular.


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