If You Buy Just One Chair…

August 3, 2016 Ed

If you buy just one chair – be it for your home office or to use in a summerhouse for hobbies – it has to be the Mirra 2 Chair from Herman Miller.

It is the Rolls Royce of chairs and the car analogy doesn’t end there – you can customise this chair in so many ways, you really will end up with something that not only looks great, it will fit you like a glove and can be ergonomically adjusted to your body type.

Designed by Studio 7.5, they set out to create a high-performance chair for people on the go.

Mirra 2 chair back

When you sit down, the seat and chair back adapt instantly. With dynamic surfaces that respond to even the slightest movement and simple, intuitive means to adjust and fine-tune the fit, Mirra 2 balances comfort and personalised ergonomics in a really great design. Can you tell that we LOVE this chair.

So how can you customise it?

First of all, you can choose from two different designs for the back of the chair. Following that, there are a choice of three finishes for the base and frame, depending on whether you want a more conventional look or something a little more funky.

Orange Mirra 2

Next up is the choice of castors allowing the chair to smoothly glide across the type of flooring you have – either carpet or a solid floor. And finally there’s a choice of five colours, ranging from black to bright orange for the back and seat finish.

Fit Like A Glove

Office shot of Mirra 2 chairs

Most work chairs will move up and down to suit your height. But the Mirra 2 has so many more customisation options. You can also adjust the front of the seat for depth, creating more or less support for your legs.

Mirra 2 adjustments

You can keep the chair rigid or allow it to tilt forward and backwards at whatever speed you feel comfortable with and to whatever position you feel happy leaning back. Some models also allow you to change the tension in the lumbar support too.

As for the arms of the chair, you can opt for any height that works for you depending on what job you’re doing. Likewise you can move the arms forward and backwards, as well rotate them to an angle that suits you and also move them in or out depending on your size.

Mirra 2

Whilst it’s not cheap, this chair is a work of art that actually makes work a pleasure. The investment is worth it for the health benefits alone before you even think about the aesthetics – now that’s not something you can claim about a high-performance car.

Find out more at http://www.hermanmiller.co.uk/products/seating/performance-work-chairs/mirra-2-chairs.html


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