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January 7, 2014 Commons and Not So Common Conveyancing Searches Here is a round up of some of other searches which may be carried out by your Conveyancing Solicitor; some of which will be obvious, others less so. The Water and Drainage Search This was compulsory under the old HIP regulations. Now, although no longer compulsory, most Conveyancing Solicitors will carry one out as a matter of course. A Water and Drainage Search will discover the location of the nearest public sewer. Since 1st October 2011 all private lateral drains, outside a property, will become public sewers as will any shared drains within private property. The Water Authority will require a build over agreement where any buildings e.g. a new extension is to be built within 3 metres of a public sewer. Chancel Repair Liability Chancel Repair liability is an ancient law which could still affect property in England and Wales. Property owners in the vicinity of a medieval or earlier church could be asked to contribute some or all of the repairs to the Chancel of the Church. The Chancel is where the altar lies and pretty much the east end of the Church. Conveyancing Solicitors will carry out a Chancel Repair Liability search for you in certain circumstances; some Conveyancing Solicitors will carry out the Chancel Repair search by default. For a fuller investigation read my blog Chancel Repair Liability: The Full Monty at pair_liability_definitive_guide.html Common Land and Village Greens If the property you are purchasing is close to or separated from the road by "common land or a village green", your Conveyancing Solicitor will insist on carrying out a commons search. Commons searches are crucial in such circumstances. In general, no development is allowed where land has been registered and designated as a common or a town or village green. Don't even think of Buying or Selling your home until you've read this book! Conveyancing Searches The new Localism Act starts coming into force in April 2012, which gives new powers to communities to buy and sell community property Find more at the website.
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