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January 19, 2014
Free Book On Conveyancing from solicitors Paul Hajek qualified as a Solicitor in 1983 and has run Clutton Cox his own Conveyancing Law Firm since 1985. Paul was also one of the few firms of solicitors to run an Estate Agency within their law firm. Clutton Cox is a member of the new Conveyancing Quality Scheme set up by the Law Society to promote specialist Conveyancing law firms. Moving home is a daunting experience at the best of times. This practical pocket sized book will give you tips, hints and help to negotiate your way through the home buying maze. Whether you are moving for the first time or have done so many times before, you can dip in and out of this book and find instant answers to common problems and questions Chapters include: * Top tips for choosing an estate agent * How to choose the best conveyancing solicitor for you * Do you really need a survey * What problems you may come up against and what to do about them *Were HIPs ever replaced? * How to avoid stress when you move * Where does all the money really go * What top websites should you visit before you buy *What legal steps to take before setting up a home with a partner * A-Z Conveyancing jargon translated in to plain English * A step by step guide to the conveyancing process * Which conveyancing solicitor- don't let your estate agent bully you! * The new Conveyancing Quality Scheme: What's in it for me? * Can your Conveyancing Solicitor "Walk the Walk" or just "Talk the Talk" * Conveyancing Fees: Why it is always best to get a fixed fee * What to expect from your conveyancing solicitor * Sellers: Do you really want to show your first offer the door? * Buying a flat - what a buyer needs to know * Conveyancing: Frequently Asked Questions * How Standard are the Standard Conditions of Sale * Local Authority Searches: The Lowdown * Conveyancing Searches: Common and not so common * Conveyancing Problems: What do defects in title look like * Conveyancing Defects: Are the solutions out there? * Planning Permissions and Building Regulations: what you need to know * Gazumping and Gazundering: Is there anthing I can do about it? *Radon Gas: what has it got to do with conveyancing? * What if your purchase goes Pete Tong? (wrong) Get your free book from the website or email
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